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In the 2022-2023 school year the McKinley PTA donated 5 STEM carts to the school to provide materials nd inspiration for our Bulldog makers and innovators. Parents are invited to work with teachers to conduct STEM challenges in the classroom. 


What supplies are in the STEM carts?

STEM Cart Supplies and Presentation


Click here to request supplies: 

STEM Cart Supply Request and Feedback Form



Click here to reserve a STEM cart:


Cart 1 - Gonzalez (Main Building Downstairs, TK & Kinder Classes) 


Cart 2 - Johnson (Main Building Upstairs, Rm. 6 - 11) 


Cart 3 - Mirzakhani (Main Building Upstairs, Rm. 12 - 16)


Cart 4 - Ross (Annex Downstairs, Rm. 17 - 20) 


Cart 5 - Tao (Annex Upstairs, Rm. 21 - 24) 



Click here for ideas and resources:




STEM Cart Challenge Ideas and Resources




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