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Room Parents play a vital role in fostering a strong sense of community and support within our classrooms and at our school. They serve as a crucial link between teachers, parents, and the broader school community, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.


By coordinating classroom activities, organizing events, and providing assistance to teachers, Room Parents help create a positive and engaging learning environment for students. Their dedication and involvement contribute to building a sense of belonging and teamwork, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience for both students and their families.


Interested in supporting your class as a Room Parent or any other role (i.e. Art, Garden, Library, or STEM), please reach out to



Resources for our Room Parents



McKinley Room Parent: Digital Binder


Room Parent Responsibilities, Documents, & Templates

Example Letters

  • Example Introduction and Class Fund Letter 2023–24
  • Classroom Accounting Example
  • Collection for Teacher Gift Letter
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Letter - coming soon!

Dates and Contacts

  • PTA Calendar
  • PTA Executive Board and Chairs
  • Room Parents Complete List for 2023–24
  • MES Faculty and Staff


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